Country Fair Info



If there is an event that you would like to volunteer for
( ie. bingo, cook off, raffles, food vendors, vendors, kids games..), please join us on May 7th at the Almira Community Center at 7PM. We will go over fundraising options and piece together the days events…..

It is with heavy hearts we announce that 2018 was the last Almira Country Fair. 
If all it took was heart, we could pull this off. 
It takes a lot more than a desire for our fair to continue to make it happen. 
It takes time and commitment. 
It takes willing volunteers. 
We have given what we can, and are proud of what we were able to build, but we just don’t have it left in us to run it all on our own.
A few months ago we sent out a plea for volunteers to help us continue this great community event. 
Unfortunately, the needed volunteers haven’t appeared.
We will certainly miss our Car show, BINGO night, parade, cook-off, vendors, raffles, wheat box and so much more. There have been grand traditions and so many memories made during our fair.
We want to thank every one who has contributed over the years, whether a donation to our raffle, sponsoring an event, having a part in our parade or even just spending the weekend with us. You are what made this such a joy for us and who we did it for.
March 4th, we will have a final meeting deciding on a few days of community events that we can continue (Halloween soup night and gingerbread contest are some we are considering).
While our hearts are heavy with the acceptance of this truth, we are thankful that 2018 was an amazing fair! We have loved being a part of one of the best small-town Country Fairs ever! What a way to end strong! 
Your Almira County Fair Volunteers