Resident Ordinance Summary

This is a short summary of ordinances and resolutions that residents need to know. This is not a comprehensive list. If you have questions, please contact Town Hall at 639-2601


Ordinance #433

1.       Each dog must be registered at the Town Hall.  The fee is $5.50 per dog each year.  $10.00 extra if the dog is not spayed or neutered.

2.      It is unlawful to permit any dog to run at large in the Town of Almira.

Ordinance #394

1.       Dogs are prohibited in all playgrounds, ball fields, and picnic areas located

in Town Park and Lions Club Park excluding guide dogs.

Ordinance #385

1.       Keeping of Pit bull Dogs and Wolf-Dog Hybrid Prohibited

Ordinance #290

1.       Household pets are permitted to be kept in the Town of Almira

2.       Small agricultural animals, medium-sized animals, and large animals are permitted to be kept in the outlying area; they are not permitted to be kept in the central area.

3.       Swine are not permitted to be kept in the Town of Almira.

Ordinance #373

1.       No animal shelters or kennels within the Town limits of Almira


Ordinance # 177

1.      Garbage pick up is generally Wednesday morning. Any changes due to holidays will be posted.  The garbage man starts about 7 am so have your garbage out by then.

2.      Cans should be strong and watertight. They should be no smaller than 15 gallon, nor no larger than 32 gallon capacity. They must have lids to keep out rain, snow, flies and animals and they must have proper handles, not rope handles.  Can not weigh over 70 lbs.

Ordinance # 447

1.      Extra garbage will be billed on your monthly statement at $3.18 plus a 25% utility tax per can.

Ordinance #426

1.      Residential burning is prohibited year round.  There are NO burning permits.

Resolution # 54

1.     You may take untreated and metal free wood, along with other natural vegetation to the Town Dump. A key is available at the Town Hall during business hours. All loads will be inspected and you must sign a log.  There is a $1 charge per load.


If you water meter is not accessible for reading there will be a $25 fine.  Usage will be estimated.

Utility billing and collection

 Ordinance #391

1.      All utility bills are due and payable within 10 days of their being billed. They are delinquent after the 25th day following mailing and will be assessed an additional fee of $10.00 for each month.

2.     If a delinquent account is not paid by the first of the month, water may be turned off. The water will not be turned on until all arrears are paid, plus a $25.00 reconnection fee and a $150 deposit. Late fees accrue each month an account is not paid whether water is turned on or off.

3.     In the event a consumer receives a 3rd delinquency penalty within a one year period, the clerk shall require a deposit paid, if one is not already in the system.

4.  The customer is allowed 20,000 gallons of water per month.  Anything over that is 75 cents per 100 gallons.

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